Bags Under Eyes Treatment

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Bags Under Eyes Treatment

So the bad news is that you have bags under eyes. But the good news is that you want to take action and do something about it, and fortunately, you can! Thanks to the advanced skin care technology we have today, you don’t have to live with your puffy eyes.Your treatment should include two components. The first one is to try and live a lifestyle that won’t contribute to the problem. This includes getting a full night’s sleep as well as eating a nutritional diet. Of course this is easier said than done! The second component involves using an advanced topical under eye cream or serum to reduce the dark spots and stimulate collagen production in the area.

Styles of Living

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it’s completely understandable that these tips can be difficult to follow. However it’s strongly recommended you try to at the very least improve your habits and schedule if you can’t improve it 100%. Here are some of those tips:

Sleep – This is a vital part of not only preventing and treating bags under eyes, but also the rest of your physical appearance. You see, when you sleep certain molecular processes take place in your body and cells are repaired. When you don’t get enough sleep, this isn’t able to occur to the extent that it should. This applies to your entire body, but in terms of your appearances, long term this is a big contributor to wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is why it’s so important to try and get 8 hours of sleep. If that’s not possible right now, at least try and increase your sleep by a small amount – liking going to bed a half hour earlier. Any improvement is better than no improvement.

Diet – Again, in today’s world of fast food this is not easy to follow. But fruits and vegetables contain powerful nutrients and antioxidants that help fight signs of aging. Try and add more of these foods to your everyday diet. In the morning on the way to work, grab some fruit to eat in the car. At lunch or dinner, try and have a salad with leafy greens, carrots, and tomatoes. Olive and flaxseed oil are also great things to consume on a daily basis.

Sun Exposure – Try and limit your exposure to the sun. Even regular daily exposure accelerates the aging process of your skin cells. So wear a sunscreen everyday. Wear big sunglasses that cover the areas where under eye bags develop.

Ultimate Eye Cream?

In the last decade, there have been a number of exciting advancements in skin care products. A number of powerful anti-aging substances have been discovered. However, you shouldn’t just be using a face cream under your eyes. Why? Because the skin here is much thinner and delicate than the rest of your face. Also, you want to target the specific problems in this area – which are usually darker skin tones and loss of fat. Generally speaking, the ingredients that have been clinically proven to be treat these symptoms are expensive to produce, so you won’t find them in the products you find at drugstores. But there are a number of effective treatments you can buy online from specialty skin care companies that contain the proven ingredients which stimulate collagen production and lighten skin pigmentation around the eyes. Right now the two hot ones that have everyone buzzing are Teamine Eye Cream and Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream.

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